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Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS)

A multilateral University exchange program in the extended Danube region based on an international Agreement. The main activity of CEEPUS are networks of eligible universities of the CEEPUS member states operating joint programs. Within these networks CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers of those eligible universities.

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Students and faculty members (i.e. the teaching, research and/or artistic staff) of an eligible CEEPUS University. Applicants need to have successfully completed two semesters of a regular course of studies. Teachers need to teach or supervise 6 hours per work week (5 days) during their exchange. Grants for studying in oneĀ“s home country are not permitted.



Students: scholarships for regular semester activities shall be awarded for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 10 months. Short term students: Shorter stays shall only be permitted for students working on their theses or dissertations. Short Term Excursions and Summer Schools which may be shorter than a month and may also be attended by undergraduates. Teacher: if you are a teacher, please always choose ONLY THIS category, no matter for how long you want to stay CEEPUS grants are limited to 10 months each for BA and MA cycle. For PhD students there is no restriction.

Study fields

Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange, Design, Implementation and Use of Joint Programs Regarding Quality in Manufacturing EngineeringTeaching and Learning Bioanalysis International Cooperation in Computer Science Ars Techne: Creative Design and Innovation


Varies depending on the host country of the exchange

Top-up available ?


This information is not available at the moment.