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Credits: Matze Bob
Capital: Budapest
Population: 9,730,000
Language(s): Hungarian
Currency: Hungarian forint (Ft/HUF)
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Learn how to participate in national and European Parliament elections while studying abroad as a citizen from Hungary. Check out the table below for document requirements, registration procedures, and useful links.

  • Voting is not mandatory
  • Minimum age required to vote: 18

How can I vote from abroad?

by proxy

This voting mode is not available.


This voting mode is not available.

by post

This voting mode is available.

  • Upfront registration required
  • Required documents:
    • Voting by post/mail is only allowed for Hungarian citizens who live outside of the EU and have no address in Hungary. Required documents: submitting an online request for voting by post/mail
    • proof of identity
    • personal information such as name, last name, address abroad

    More info at this link.

  • Digital request allowed

from the embassy

This voting mode is available.

  • Upfront registration required
  • Required documents:
    • request for registering to cast vote at one of the Hungarian embassies and consulates abroad
    • proof of identity on the election day 

    More info at this link.

  • Digital request allowed

European Parliament elections

Hungarian citizens who have a Hungarian address but vote abroad may only do so in person at polling stations in embassies or consulates. Voters must request to be registered in the foreign representation register prior to election they if they want to vote from abroad. Voting by post in the European elections is only allowed for the Hungarian citizens who live outside of the EU and have no address in Hungary.

  • Upfront registration required
  • Registration deadline:
  • Minimum age required to vote in the EU elections: 18

Cost of living

a room in a 3 bedrooms shared flat in the city centre 67139Ft/month
a meal 2000Ft
a cappuccino 458.48Ft

These are average costs of living for Hungary. Costs can differ accross cities and locations. For more details, you can check numbeo website.


Rank Value
Rainbow Index 28 31.49

Rainbow Europe, 2021.

Check out Hungary profile on

Rainbow Europe

Rainbow Europe by ILGA-Europe illustrates the legal and policy situation of LGBTI people in Europe. It ranks all 49 European countries on a scale between 0% (gross violations of human rights, discrimination) and 100% (respect of human rights, full equality), on the basis of laws and policies that have a direct impact on the LGBTI people’s human rights in under 6 categories: equality and non-discrimination; family; hate crime and hate speech; legal gender recognition and bodily integrity; civil society space; and asylum.


The is the European platform about inclusion and support services offered by higher education institutions, national agencies, and ministries for education to international students. In its current version, the platform aims to provide to students with disabilities all the information they need to study abroad.

Quality of life

Rank Value
Human Development Index 40 0.854
World Press Freedom Index 92 31.76

HDI, 2019.
WPFI, 2021.

Human Development Index

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. A country scores a higher HDI when the lifespan is higher, the education level is higher, and the gross national income GNI (PPP) per capita is higher.

World Press Freedom Index

The World Press Freedom Index is an important advocacy tool based on the principle of emulation between states, published every year by Reporters Without Borders. It is a snapshot of the media freedom situation based on an evaluation of pluralism, independence of the media, quality of legislative framework and safety of journalists in each country.

ESN sections supporting international students

  • ESN Corvinus
  • ESN Debrecen
  • ESN Eszterhazy
  • ESN Miskolc
  • ESN Nyíregyháza
  • ESN Pécs
  • ESN Szeged
  • ESN Óbuda University

Higher education institutions

  • Eotvos Jozsef Foiskola (Baja)
  • Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem (Budapest)
  • Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Allatorvostudomanyi Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Semmelweis Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Evangélikus Hittudományi Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Karoli Gaspar Reformatus Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Pazmany Peter Katolikus Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Gabor Denes Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Obudai Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Liszt Ferenc Zenemuveszeti Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Magyar Kepzomuveszeti Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Moholy-Nagy Muveszeti Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Magyar Tancmuveszeti Egyetem (Budapest)
  • A Tan Kapuja Buddhista Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Wesley Janos Lelkeszkepzo Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Szinhaz-es Filmmuveszeti Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Ibs Nemzetkozi Uzleti Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Magyar Testnevelesi es Sporttudomanyi Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Milton Friedman Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Budapesti Metropolitan Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Andrassy Gyula Budapesti Nemet Nyelvu Egyetem Andrassy Gyula Deutschsprachige Universitat Budapest (Budapest)
  • Kozep-Europai Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Sapientia Szerzetesi Hittudományi Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Wekerle Sandor Uzleti Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Budapest Kortarstanc Foiskola (Budapest)
  • Nemzeti Kozszolgalati Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Orszagos Rabbikepzo Zsido Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Tomori Pal College (Budapest)
  • European University Foundation - Mobility Digital Lab (Budapest)
  • Evangélikus Hittudományi Egyetem (Budapest)
  • Budapesti Gazdasagi Egyetem (Budapesti)
  • Debreceni Egyetem (Debrecen)
  • Debreceni Református Hittudományi Egyetem (Debrecen)
  • University of Dunaujvaros (Dunaújváros)
  • Eszterhazy Karoly Katolikus Egyetem (Eger)
  • Magyar Agrar- es Elettudomanyi Egyetem (Godollo)
  • Szechenyi Istvan Egyetem (Gyor)
  • Kaposvari Egyetem (Kaposvar)
  • Neumann János Egyetem (Kecskemét)
  • Miskolci Egyetem (Miskolc)
  • Nyiregyhazi Egyetem (Nyiregyhaza)
  • Pecsi Tudomanyegyetem - University of Pecs (Pecs)
  • Pecsi Puspoki Hittudomanyi Foiskola (Pecs)
  • Sárospataki Református Teológiai Akadémia (Sárospatak)
  • Tokaj- Hegyalja Egyetem (Sárospatak)
  • Soproni Egyetem (Sopron)
  • Szegedi Tudomanyegyetem (Szeged)
  • Gal Ferenc Egyetem (Szeged)
  • Kodolanyi Janos Egyetem (Orosháza)
  • Edutus Egyetem (Tatabanya)
  • Pannon Egyetem - University of Pannonia (Veszprem)
  • Papai Reformatus Teologiai Akademia (Pápa)
  • Apor Vilmos Katolikus Foiskola (Vác)
  • Neumann Janos Egyetem (Kecskemet)

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