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Erasmus+ Grant simulator

This tool will allow you to make a simulation of your Erasmus+ Grant. You will receive an estimate based on your mobility type, duration and location. We take into account some background information to tailor it as closely as possible to reality.

The simulation will give you an estimate based on general European wide rules based on the Erasmus+ programme guide.

Choose your mobility type:

Find out more about an Erasmus+ study exchange or traineeship.

Students that do an Erasmus+ traineeship usually receive a higher monthly grant, as they can not benefit from as many student benefits on university campus.

This Erasmus+ Grant calculator simulates the potential grant that you can receive and is based on the overall information available in the Erasmus+ programme guide. These conditions can be adjusted by your university; contact your international relations office for more information.

Nor Erasmus Student Network; nor the European Commission can be held accountable for the simulations provided here. The goal of the simulator is to make the Erasmus+ grant information more transparent so students understand how it works. The actual Erasmus+ Grant will be calculated by your university. Do you find significant differences; ask your University/institution; ESN representative or National Agency for more information.