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Ljubljana, Slovenia
Credits: Greenvalley Pictures
Capital: Ljubljana
Population: 2,108,977
Language(s): Slovenian
Currency: Euro (€/EUR)
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Learn how to participate in national and European Parliament elections while studying abroad as a citizen from Slovenia. Check out the table below for document requirements, registration procedures, and useful links.

  • Voting is not mandatory
  • Minimum age required to vote: 18

How can I vote from abroad?

by proxy

This voting mode is not available.


This voting mode is not available.

by post

This voting mode is available.

  • Upfront registration required
  • Required documents:

    Beforehand request sent to the State Electoral Commission regarding voting from abroad by post. Slovenian citizens can submit the application for voting from abroad by post, by e-mail or via the online portal eUprava. On the online portal, the application can be submitted using e-identity or without using e-identity. Once the voter receives the ballot paper with the names of candidates or candidate lists, they must send the completed ballot paper and personally sifgned voting card to the address of the local electoral commission (the address will be enclosed), or they may also send the material to a diplomatic or consular representative office of the Republic of Slovenia.
    More info at this link.

  • Digital request allowed

from the embassy

This voting mode is not available.

European Parliament elections

Slovenian citizens who reside abroad may vote by post or in person at a designated diplomatic or consular representative office of Slovenia. Slovenian voters who are abroad temporarily may cast their vote from abroad if they communicate this to the National Electoral Commission 30 days before the elections.

  • Upfront registration required
  • Registration deadline:
  • Minimum age required to vote in the EU elections: 18

Cost of living

a room in a 3 bedrooms shared flat in the city centre 285€/month
a meal 9€
a cappuccino 1.52€

These are average costs of living for Slovenia. Costs can differ accross cities and locations. For more details, you can check numbeo website.


Rank Value
Rainbow Index 20 41.47

Rainbow Europe, 2021.

Check out Slovenia profile on

Rainbow Europe

Rainbow Europe by ILGA-Europe illustrates the legal and policy situation of LGBTI people in Europe. It ranks all 49 European countries on a scale between 0% (gross violations of human rights, discrimination) and 100% (respect of human rights, full equality), on the basis of laws and policies that have a direct impact on the LGBTI people’s human rights in under 6 categories: equality and non-discrimination; family; hate crime and hate speech; legal gender recognition and bodily integrity; civil society space; and asylum.


The is the European platform about inclusion and support services offered by higher education institutions, national agencies, and ministries for education to international students. In its current version, the platform aims to provide to students with disabilities all the information they need to study abroad.

Quality of life

Rank Value
Human Development Index 22 0.917
World Press Freedom Index 36 23.1

HDI, 2019.
WPFI, 2021.

Human Development Index

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. A country scores a higher HDI when the lifespan is higher, the education level is higher, and the gross national income GNI (PPP) per capita is higher.

World Press Freedom Index

The World Press Freedom Index is an important advocacy tool based on the principle of emulation between states, published every year by Reporters Without Borders. It is a snapshot of the media freedom situation based on an evaluation of pluralism, independence of the media, quality of legislative framework and safety of journalists in each country.

ESN sections supporting international students

  • ESN Ljubljana
  • ESN Ljubljana University
  • ESN Maribor

Higher education institutions

  • Visja Strokovna Sola za Gostinstvo, Velnes in Turizem Bled (Bled)
  • Visoka Sola za Hotelirstvo in Turizem Bled (Bled)
  • Iedc-Poslovna Sola Bled, Fakultetaza Podiplomski Studij Managementa (Bled)
  • Ekonomska in Trgovska Sola Brezice (Brezice)
  • Sola za Hortikulturo in Vizualne Umetnosti Celje (Celje)
  • Mednarodna Fakulteta za Druzbene in Poslovne Studije Zavod (Celje)
  • Fakulteta za Komercialne in Poslovne Vede (Celje)
  • Solski Center Celje (Celje)
  • Visoka Zdravstvena Sola v Celju (Celje)
  • Visoka Sola za Proizvodno Inzenirstvo (Celje)
  • Ekonomska Sola Celje (Celje)
  • Abitura Ltd, Education Company, Vocational College (Celje)
  • Fakulteta za Varstvo Okolja (Velenje)
  • Solski Center Velenje (Velenje)
  • Izobrazevalni Center Memory, Izobrazevanje in Svetovanje, D. O. O. (Dutovlje)
  • Fakulteta za Zdravstvo Angele Boskin (Jesenice)
  • Univerza Na Primorskem Universita Del Litorale (Koper)
  • Solski Center Srecka Kosovela Sezana (Sezana)
  • Solski Center Kranj (Kranj)
  • Visoka Sola za Gradbeno Inzenirstvo Kranj, Samostojni Visokosolski Zavod, Pridruzena Clanica Nove Univerze (Kranj)
  • Univerza v Ljubljani (Ljubljana)
  • Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije Center za Poslovno Usposabljanje (Ljubljana)
  • Gea College Cvs Druzba za Visjesolsko Izobrazevanje - Center Visjih Sol Doo (Ljubljana)
  • Mednarodna Podiplomska Sola Jozefa Stefana (Ljubljana)
  • Biotehniski Izobrazevalni Center Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Visoka Sola za Storitve v Ljubljani, Samostojni Visokosolski Zavod (Ljubljana)
  • Erudio Centre For Higher Education (Ljubljana)
  • Fakulteta za Medije (Ljubljana)
  • Solski Center za Posto, Ekonomijo in Telekomunikacije Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Visja Strokovna Sola za Kozmetiko in Velnes Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Mlc Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Izobrazevalni Center Energetskega Sistema (Ljubljana)
  • Vsr - Visoka Sola za Racunovodstvo in Finance, Ljubljana / College For Accounting and Finance, Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • B2 Visoka Sola za Poslovne Vede, Zavod (Ljubljana)
  • Fakulteta za Poslovne Vede (Ljubljana)
  • Postgraduate School Zrc Sazu (Ljubljana)
  • Konservatorij za Glasbo in Balet Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Erudio Izobrazevalni Center, Zavod za Izobrazevanje, Svetovanje in Organizacijo, Erudio Visja Strokovna Sola (Ljubljana)
  • Solski Center Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • Alma Mater Europaea - Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis Fakulteta za Podiplomski Humanisticni Studij, Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
  • B2 Izobrazevanje in Informacijske Storitve Doo (Ljubljana)
  • Alma Mater Europaea - Akademija za Ples (Ljubljana)
  • Gea College - Fakulteta za Podjetnistvo (Ljubljana)
  • Akademija za Vizualne Umetnosti Ava (Ljubljana)
  • Nova Univerza, Fakulteta za Slovenske in Mednarodne Studije (Ljubljana)
  • Faculty For Transport and Logistics (Ljubljana)
  • Solski Center Sentjur (Šentjur)
  • Fakulteta za Dizajn (Trzin)
  • Izobrazevalni Center Geoss Doo (Litija)
  • Univerza v Mariboru (Maribor)
  • Doba Fakulteta za Uporabne Poslovnein Druzbene Studije Maribor (Maribor)
  • Visja Strokovna Sola za Gostinstvo in Turizem Maribor (Maribor)
  • Lesarska Sola Maribor (Maribor)
  • Izobrazevalni Center Piramida Maribor (Maribor)
  • Doba Epis D. O. O. (Maribor)
  • Academia, Izobrazevanje in Druge Storitve Doo (Maribor)
  • Prometna Sola Maribor (Maribor)
  • Alma Mater Europaea-Evropski Center, Maribor (Maribor)
  • Tehniski Solski Center Maribor (Maribor)
  • Doba Epis D. O. O. (Maribor)
  • Fakulteta za Tehnologijo Polimerov (Slovenj Gradec)
  • Fakulteta za Zdravstvene in Socialne Vede Slovenj Gradec (Slovenj Gradec)
  • Solski Center Slovenj Gradec (Slovenj Gradec)
  • Solski Center Ptuj (Ptuj)
  • Visokosolski Zavod Fizioterapevtika (Medvode)
  • Ekonomska Sola Murska Sobota, Visja Strokovna Sola (Murska Sobota)
  • Biotehniski Center Naklo (Naklo)
  • Univerza v Novi Gorici (Nova Gorica)
  • Fakulteta za Uporabne Druzbene Studije v Novi Gorici Zavod (Nova Gorica)
  • Solski Center Nova Gorica (Nova Gorica)
  • Lampret Consulting,Higher Vocational College (Nova Gorica)
  • Nova Univerza (Nova Gorica)
  • Nova Univerza, Evropska Pravna Fakulteta (Nova Gorica)
  • Grm Novo Mesto - Center Biotehnike in Turizma (Novo Mesto)
  • Solski Center Novo Mesto (Novo Mesto)
  • Ekonomska Sola Novo Mesto (Novo Mesto)
  • Fakulteta za Informacijske Studije v Novem Mestu (Novo Mesto)
  • Fakulteta za Organizacijske Studijev Novem Mestu (Novo Mesto)
  • Fakulteta za Industrijski Inzeniring Novo Mesto (Novo Mesto)
  • Visoka Sola za Upravljanje Podezelja Grm Novo Mesto (Novo Mesto)
  • Univerza v Novem Mestu Fakulteta za Ekonomijo in Informatiko (Novo Mesto)
  • Univerza v Novem Mestu Fakulteta za Zdravstvene Vede (Novo Mesto)
  • University of Novo Mesto Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Novo Mesto)
  • Univerza v Novem Mestu Fakulteta za Poslovne in Upravne Vede (Novo Mesto)
  • Univerza v Novem Mestu (Novo Mesto)
  • Evro-Sredozemska Univerza (Piran)
  • Solski Center Postojna (Postojna)
  • Arema Visoka Sola za Regionalni Management (Rogaška Slatina)
  • Prah, Izobrazevalni Center, Izobrazevanje in Usposabljanje, D. O. O. , Visja Strokovna Sola Rogaska Slatina (Rogaška Slatina)
  • Solski Center Skofja Loka (Škofja Loka)

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