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One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
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I believe there must be more than one point of view and there are various ways to interpret and see life events; I came to the proof of this,
after seeing and getting to know different cultures and people.
As Chantal Mitchell said: "Studying abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world.”
As someone who has changed his Safe Zone at different times, I thought many times about going outside the borders of Turkey, where I went to study; and as an ESner, I could predict that this change experience would be incredible and different for me.
I was very curious about how this would happen for me, as I was a buddy for two years to the incoming students in İzmir, and I decided to set my heart on this adventure to discover myself and gain different experiences.
I've always been one of those people who believed that not all classrooms were just four walls and to prove it to myself, I decided to step outside of my Safe Zone and classes that I use to study for the last 3 years.
As an Iranian student, after studying in Turkey for 3 years, I got the chance to do my exchange semester in Germany.
Since I did not know German, my progress in official affairs was naturally very slow and I spent a lot of energy and time solving these problems I must say that sometimes I felt very bad and incapable as these problems were increasing day by day; but 2 weeks later and after meeting different people from different cultures at school, I started to find my own essence and tried to throw myself into different challenges to discover my own pros and cons and how exchange can break the walls between us as people and help us to come together.
As the days were passing, as I was meeting people, talking, and having a common experience, we all realized that we were all sharing the same life with the students who were there as exchange students and we discovered together that common humanity was emerging. And we wholeheartedly believed that life begins at the end of our comfort zone, and I'm glad I lived in a different country with the Erasmus+ exchange program.
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I think Personal growth is a journey, not a destination.
Personal growth is the process of realizing and expanding our full potential.
What we've done in life and what we've been through along the way
After all, wherever we go, we take them with us. Whether we develop our strengths, reduce our responsibilities or expand what we can do, personal development is a way and everyone takes it, like us change their world through ERASMUS, some are trying to get to know themselves by traveling, and some are traveling to find themselves by leaving their safe zones.
In my Erasmus process; I took steps to understand my own pros and cons, what I am good at, and most importantly who I am, and this happened through the Erasmus+ exchange program and I highly recommend this exchange opportunity to everyone.