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“Carpe diem”. I suggest you make your moments enjoyable and enjoy them as much as you can.
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My name is Katarina and I am from the University of Latvia studying Business administration. I was an exchange student at HOCHSCHULE Koblenz University of Applied Sciences RheinAhrCampus for almost 5 months. My stay in Remagen is over and I would like to sum up everything that I had been through.
My journey started in March. The beginning was hard for me, as for everyone. You are in a different country, in a different environment, and speak the language which you have learned for many years, but never used. During classes, we work a lot on ourselves and our skills. Then I started to track my changes and write insights about my stay in Germany. I have written down crises and personal achievements. Now I can see the way I have done it and what person I have become. All the lecturers I studied with were open and friendly. I would say that in RAC you can have a closer connection with them. With some of them, we were having dinner, and with some of them, we were travelling together.
Of course, my stay would not be that incredible without other internationals and RAC students. I am happy to have each other. We were traveling around Germany and Europe a lot. Before going here, I didn’t think that I will visit Turkey, Spain and so many cities in Germany. We collected fantastic memories and our phone storages are full of thousands of pictures (I would suggest preparing your phone storage as well :)), and we did such excellent work together during classes. Always supporting each other and happy for everyone’s achievements.
I started living the life of my dreams. And I would say that it is a really good time to focus on yourself, to start understanding yourself better, and to set goals and make a plan for the future. Remember the popular quote “Carpe diem” which translates as “Enjoy the moment”. I suggest you make your moments enjoyable and enjoy them as much as you can.
Additional testimonial
The same day as I arrived, I met Selsela. I was impressed with how hospital she was and everyone at the International Department. And later during my stay, I knew that in any case, I could rely on the International Department of RAC.