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Very exciting experience!
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It was quite an exciting experience for me! Of course, there was a lot of stress (due to the new atmosphere and new people around); and at the beginning of my Erasmus semester, there were some difficulties with the German language. But then I had such an interesting and completely new experience! I studied 2 intensive German language courses, and then I communicated and met many times with other students from these courses. I studied at a German university, where each subject had different requirements and different formats. I wrote a research paper in German myself. I have visited many museums in Hamburg. I went to Zumba there... And so on, and so on. I think if there is such an opportunity to study abroad for at least one semester (or even two), people should do it. Now my goal is to finish my studies in Latvia (successfully) and then to study in Germany for a master's programme.
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Hamburg is quite an expensive city to live in. But then, when prices started to rise everywhere, they seemed to be not as expensive in Hamburg, as it was at the beginning.