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Imagine going behind the scenes of your favorite museum? I did just that!
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Ever since I went to my first academic mobility during my bachelor studies I knew I was definitely going to do it again during my masters. It is an amazing chance to expand your horizons, immerse yourself into another world and switch things up in your curriculum. But in the meantime mobility opportunities opened for students in Serbia and a chance to go on a traineeship was mine to take. My traineeship took place in Budapest, at a brand new national centre for museum conservation and restoration which is serving two biggest museums in Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts and Hungarian National Gallery. As someone who loves visiting museums when I travel, it was so fun to experience the process of setting up a major exhibition, visit the storage rooms and so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Budapest as a city was already familiar to me because I had a chance to travel there before but living and working there for a few months gave me a new feeling of the city and another home away from home.