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Erasmus was a life-changing experience for me, and it fundamentally changed the way I saw the world and the opportunities it encompassed. My year in Belgium helped me discover things about myself that I would never have acquired had I not taken the chance on Erasmus. The people I met, the places I went to, the extraordinary experiences I encountered.

In order to go on Erasmus, you need to be open-minded and open to change. You will live in a new country surrounded by absolutely no one you know, and your usual routine at home will change dramatically all in the space of a day. The lead-up to it is frightening, but allowing things to change and adapting to the new circumstances and people is not. Each day will bring something new and exciting, and each new person you meet will welcome a lifetime of friendship.

Erasmus, specifically in Brussels, helped me discover my passion for photography and it reinvigorated my love for fitness and mental health. I volunteered at Serve the City helping the homeless, refugees, and asylum seekers. I made so many new contacts and friends, and I travelled extensively throughout Europe learning some new traditions and customs along the way.

To get the full value of Erasmus, allow for change. Do that last-minute city trip, go to that festival, immerse yourself in the new culture, learn the language, and don't be afraid of trying to make new friends because I can guarantee you that everyone around you is in the same boat.

It will only be as good as you want it to be so take the chance because it only comes once!