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And suddenly I became a member of the Erasmus Generation! And it's time to change the world!
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I chose to take advantage of the Erasmus+ mobility simply because I felt stuck in the reality of my city and I wanted to step a bit out of my confort zone. But I couldn't imagine that this mobility would change radically my life!
During my Erasmus I felt like I belong in the "Erasmus Generation", in this group of youngsters that mobility is the most appropriate lifestyle to follow. I discovered my passion for multiculturalism, I felt connected with people from every corner of our world and I realized how many places and how many culture are waiting for me to explore them.
Without second thoughts I joined ESN. The network that creates experiences for people who also chose to step out of their comfort zones. And through all the smiles noticed and the "thank you"s received I now know that volunteering is my way to leave a positive impact on our world!
Additional testimonial
One of the biggest advantages for choosing Romania for Erasmus, is the low cost of living!
The erasmus life in Bucharest is exceptional. The city provides en ultimate experience of students life with a really low cost. During my mobility I felt like I can have fun with my friends without feeling guilty that I spend money received from people who support me.