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Working at the 69th parallel under the northern lights.
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My name is Lise, and I am studying for my master's in Space Science in Paris, France. I had the opportunity to spend my internship at UiT Tromsø in the Physics department from April to June 2023.

During this time, I experienced the end of the winter with the northern lights and snow as well as the midnight Sun for several weeks. I had already studied in Sweden for two semesters thus, it was very interesting to get acquainted with another part of Scandinavia. Living on an island has its advantages, everything is just a few bus stops away, including the airport. I lived in a shared housing, which gave me insights into the Norwegian culture.

The great work-life balance was complemented by my office-view on the fjord. Spending my internship in Norway, meant going to the sauna with my colleagues at the end of the day, as well as enjoying hiking surrounded by a breath-taking landscape. The vibrant community of international researchers and ESN Tromsø made this stay unforgettable.