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Why voting is important

Today casting your vote is more essential than ever, especially in shaping the future of the European Union.

Voting is not just a right; it's a responsibility. By voting, we play a vital role in determining the direction our societies take. Each vote contributes to the democratic process defining the opportunities that we will have. For this reason, we offer you two valuable resources to enhance your understanding of the EU and the importance of voting. First, an amazing quiz which not only tests your knowledge of the EU but also shares key information about it making you ready to cast your vote. Secondly, you can register on via our referral link and become one of the 5000 Erasmus Generation petitioners asking for protecting international mobility.

Looking for inspiration? Make sure to check the video below featuring a roller coaster of stories and emotions to drive home one simple and yet powerful message: use your vote.

Test your knowledge of the EU

Test your knowledge of the EU or connect with your audiences with an engaging and gamified quiz that teaches more about the EU and why voting is important. The choice is yours; look no further and click below.

You can make a difference by registering on This platform by the European Parliament gathers amazing events and opportunities taking place all over Europe giving you the opportunity to be active and engage.

Register through ESN’s referral link clicking below and become one of the 5000 supporters of our petition aiming to keep international mobility at the center in the coming European legislature.

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