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It's not as scary as it seems.
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I participated in Erasmus+ exchange programme in the autumn semester of 2017. It was partially impulsive decision which affected my experience.

I didn't do the research about living conditions in the selected country (Estonia) and I didn't know anyone who studied there either.

The preparation was complicated and involved a lot of paperwork (luckily, thanks to projects such as Erasmus without Papers or Online Learning Agreement, the paperwork has been substantially reduced). Filling in the Learning Agreement, communicating with lectures about the approved courses, being interviewed by the Erasmus+ coordinators... Also, I had to convince the hosting university to admit me because only one faculty of the hosting university had an agreement with our university (of course, the wrong one).

I didn't believe I am really going to study in a foreign country until I arrived at the airport in Tallinn at three in the morning without any accommodation (just a reservation in a hostel).

After few hours of sleep (I will never sleep with other 15 people in one room ever again), I joined the Orientation Day of the university I was studying at (Tallinn University of Technology), determined to find myself an accommodation as soon as possible. Luckily, I got a call from a real estate agency and as soon as I saw the room, we agreed on moving the same day.

Since I didn't plan much ahead, I immediately found myself in financial issues. My hosting university didn't confirm the transfer of my scholarship and I was stuck in a foreign country with little to none money. Even after the funds arrived, I still calculated together with what I saved, it would be just enough for paying the rent, internet, phone, meals and that's it.ยจ

Since travelling around the country was complicated due to financial issues, I concentrated ony studies instead (funny given the reputation of Erasmus students). I got proficiency in fields I would use after returning back home. Also, I met a lot of international students with whom I would hang out in the city regularly.

Now, this sounds almost like a horror story but I would gladly go through everything again. Apart from the knowledge, I learnt how to take care of myself. I learnt not to panic and solve problems calmly. I learnt to step up for myself and be bold when needed. I joined Erasmus Student Network (student organisation helping incoming and outgoing students all around Europe) afterwards and made a lot of friends there, both from the ranks of exchange and local students. Nothing of that would happen if I didn't impulsively decide to study abroad and I would be a totally different person.

I am happy I decided to take this step and I would recommend you the same (just maybe, plan ahead a bit better than me). You will not regret it.