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Nordplus Higher Education Programme is a mobility and network programme in the higher education sector, on bachelor and master levels, for the Nordic and Baltic countries. The aim of the programme is to create a collaboration between the institutions that participate in the programme through exchanges, experience, good practice and innovative results. The programme also supports collaboration between higher education institutions and other organizations.

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The Nordplus Higher Education Programme is aimed at universities and university colleges in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The minimum requirement for a network and partnership is that they consist of at least three institutions from three different participating countries. This programme is supporting the universities to run mobility programs. If you are interested to participate please get in touch with your university and consult the (website link) for further information.



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The programme is open for all institutions, organizations and other actors. Both private and public, who are interested in working with or promoting the Nordic languages. Such as universities and research institutions, NGOs, associations and societies, private companies and others. The programme is open to both the Nordic and Baltic countries and an application must represent at least two different participating countries/areas, i.e. one coordinating institution/organization and at least one partner. The application must be in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English. Cooperation to promote the use of

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